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Digital Hub™ Blueprint - Choosing a Plan

Digital Hub™ is a cloud based data science platform that enables data scientists, engineers, SMEs and their teams to develop data science and data visualization projects with ease. The platform equips its users with a development environment with the most recent and essential open source tools and packages required for an end to end data science and visualization project delivery. These tools are fully integrated and the configured including version updates by Digital Hub™ developers and data scientists. Each project has a central database that streamlines the data flow through all the applications.

Digital Hub™ is designed and built to remove the barriers to data science entry so everyone with a passion for data can focus on development not system configuration.

Your data science journey on Digital Hub™ platform starts with creating a project. You can take advantage of the platform's components and features to advance your data science skills and accelerate your career success. Let's take a look at what's inside Digital Hub™. Digital Hub™ is always evolving so make sure to check back and read our FAQ for a complete list of components.

Digital Hub™ Components

Top Open Source Applications

Here are some of the top applications that you can add to your Digital Hub™ projects, in order to develop data models and visualize them with ease. We call them The Magic Trio:

  • Apache Superset: From simple line charts to highly detailed geospatial charts, Superset makes it easy to visualize the data no matter your role or skill level. If you add Superset to your project components on Digital Hub™, you will be able to pull the data from your project's database and create visualizations, dashboards and draw insights.

Notebook Templates

Notebook Templates are our contribution to the data science community and Oil & Gas industry. We have created these notebooks to give our platform users, data science starters, and engineers a tool to get started with most common and repeatable data science tasks and methodologies. Machine Learning and Prediction, Time Series Analysis, and Data Ingestion from cloud databases are just a few of them. These notebooks are accessible through your project's JupyterLab in Templates section. Watch this video created by the Digital Hub™ team for the step by step instructions.

Digital Hub cloud data science platform offers an integrated development environment with most recent open source applications, central database, security and reproducible assets.

Digital Hub™ uses the latest cloud technologies to offer access to a great set of tools at very low cost. In order to be able to create a project, you need to subscribe to a plan. A plan includes a certain number of compute hours and storage to fit different needs.

To be able to get the most out of the platform and its features, individual data scientists and teams should choose a plan that best suits their needs.

Digital Hub™ Plans

Digital Hub™ offers three flexible plans for individuals and small teams plus a custom plan for the enterprise. With each plan, users will have access to all the open source and integrated applications, a certain amount of usage and storage, notebook templates, admin panel, and support channels. Choose a plan based on your team's structure:

  • Academia Plan: If you are a student or have a promo code, Academia plan is your best option to get started with. It offers 40 hours of usage and 5GIGs of cloud storage for FREE*, just enough resources to get hands-on with the platform and try the applications.

  • Individual Plan: If you are a solo developer or need additional development time and resources, Individual plan is suitable for you. You will get 160 hours of usage and 100GIGs of cloud storage for CA$14.99* / month. With Individual plan's resources, you can focus on data science without worrying about running out of hours or storage.

  • Teams Plan: Teams plan gives you the flexibility of adding members to your projects. As the "Creator" of the project, you can assign different roles to your team members. These roles define the level of permission for each team member. Your team will share access to 200 hours of usage and 200GIGs of cloud storage. Here is a cost saving tip: Your team members can use your project resources without subscribing to a plan! This plan is available at the price of CA$29.99* / month.

  • Enterprise Plan: This plan offers many custom features to suit the needs of a large organization. Unlimited infrastructure and connection to existing technologies, autoscaling on demand, and admin panel and monitoring features are just a few of them.

Digital Hub™ plans offer certain amount of compute and cloud storage, but it doesn't mean you are limited to the plan's offering.

If at any point in time, you need more hours or storage, you can add them to your existing plan as a one time or recurring Top Off. If your team or project requirements change, you have the option to switch between accounts. So don't be afraid to explore different plan options, if you didn't get it right the first time!

*Early pricing promotions are subject to change. Please see the pricing page for current pricing.


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