We are a group of passionate engineers and computer scientists who love solving tough problems.

We believe in the power of analytics - specifically Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - so we have made it our mission to bring the latest innovation in AI/ML to our colleague engineers dealing with daily operational challenges.

We built Digital Hub™ to deliver data solutions faster and scale them on demand using cutting edge technology. Every component of Digital Hub™ was carefully thought out and structured to simplify and empower the data science experience, and to ensure the success of the project.

We know how powerful and transformative data can be. 

Digital Hub™ is a revolutionary tool that allows users to push the boundaries of data science and take the field further just around the corner. We want to create a repeatable and exceptional experience so that you can focus on your project and results.

Practice data science, not system configuration

We believe in the power of data

  • Babak Shafiei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Hoda Rezaei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Usman Kamran - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Sylvia Lee - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Quan-Ha Le - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
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