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Access to Open Source Tools

40 hours to get all your homework done

5 GIG of cloud storage to take your notebooks with you everywhere.





Access to Open Source Tools

160 hours to finish your project. Pay extra hourly if you need it.

100 GIG of cloud storage to take your notebooks and datasets with you everywhere. Pay more when you need more!





Access to Open Source Tools

200 hours to give everyone plenty of time to execute code

200 GIG of cloud storage to share with your team and keep all your data in one place.





Access to Open Source Tools

Unlimited infrastructure: You manage the cost and quotas

Unlimited connection to your data lake, ERP systems, and operational data

System admin panel to manage cost, users, and usage. Autoscale on demand.

Discover how Digital Hub can transform your data project

Take your project to new heights with cutting edge tools


What packages are included in Digital Hub™ plans?

The following open source packages are available as part of the standard offering. These packages are up to date and maintained by their respective open-source communities and integrated, tested to work by our own data science team:

  • Data Processing:
    • Pandas
    • Numpy
    • Beautifulsoup
    • xlrd
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Scipy
  • Machine Learning
    • Scikit-learn
  • Visualization
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
  • Postgres-access
    • Psycopg2
    • PgSpecial

How can I add my own packages?

You can simply install your own packages with a Pip or Conda command.

I have a problem! How can I reach support?

All support questions should be directed to our engineering team via email. You may email us at info@digitalhub.io.

How can you offer an enterprise platform at such a low cost?

We built these capabilities for everyone and believe in the long term success of the Digital Hub™, which justifies the current price levels.

Can I download Digital Hub™ on my local system?

Digital Hub™ is a cloud native platform and it cannot be downloaded for individuals. However, we offer a custom option to enterprise clients to host the Digital Hub™ platform on their private cloud or infrastructure.

Does the platform have real time data streaming capabilities?

Yes. This feature is coming soon!

Who can use Digital Hub™?

Digital Hub™ is for anyone with a passion for solving problems through data, and an interest in extracting value from data quickly and efficiently. All data scientists, engineers, and citizen data scientists with basic knowledge of programming languages (e.g Python) are welcome.

What languages are supported in the platform?

The default language is Python, but you install additional languages to the environment. Our development team is working to integrate R and Julia in the near future.

Are there memory, compute, and storage limits?

Yes, the limits are set by your plan, however Digital Hub™ scales on demand if required!

How many members can be in a team?

There are no limitations on your number of team members! However, each member should be a subscriber.

My username and password don’t work. What do I do?

Contact info@digitalhub.io and we will get that fixed for you.


Is my data secure?

Yes! We have incorporated layers of security in order to ensure your data is private and secure. Here are a few examples of how we do that:

Your connection is encrypted with 128bit encryption, so all data exchanged between your browser and Digital Hub™ are secure in transmission. Your account is protected by state of the art authentication and authorization solutions. Your payments are secure through leading payment service providers.


How can I integrate Digital Hub™ with my own database or storage device?

  • A cloud-native Postgres database is created by default for each project. This default database is automatically linked with other project applications such as Superset and Grafana as the default data source. The default database URI is also made available in your Jupyterlab as an environmental variable.
  • External databases may be configured manually. Currently only Postgres Databases client are natively installed. However, you may configure access to other databases by installing the corresponding client packages. (See this blog for more instructions). In Jupyterlab, you may access your database with a proper SQAlchemy URI with the sqlalchemy library. In Superset and Grafana, you may integrate with your database by adding it as a data source on the application interface.

What can I do if I want to add more tools to my project environment?

Submit a request to our development team through info@digitalhub.io

Can I access my existing projects and GitHub through the platform?

Yes! You can clone your repository, and manage your Git repositories using Git terminal CLI, or the JupyterLab Git extensions. Kaggle projects are not yet supported.

How can I utilize GPU to enable training the neural networks?

Our GPU enabled resources scale on demand like other environment and we have special pricing plans for more sophisticated use cases. Please contact the support team to discuss your need and setup a custom environment.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time. Just unsubscribe! If you are within your usage limits at the time of cancellation, you won't receive any additional charges. If you have over usage, we will charge your card for the remaining balance.

How do you bill my card?

To ensure a secure transaction we use third party service providers to handle our payments. The billing is automated, and you can view your subscriptions and payment history.

What happens to my account when I cancel my subscription?

You will lose access to Digital Hub™. Your data and environments, however, will remain safe with us for 30 days in the event you decide to come back, all at no cost to you! After 30 days, we erase the storage.

What happens to my data after I cancel my plan?

We keep your data for 30 days in order for you to back them up. We can extend it by another 30 days if you make the request. After 60 days, we delete the data.

Plans & Pricing

What does a subscription include?

Your subscription includes access to the Digital Hub™ platform and all its features including team management, project management, and applications. Applications use compute and require storage. We have simplified the app usage by categorizing them in time and space. Your subscription includes a certain number of hours to develop and utilize the platform's tools.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 15 day free trial for all subscription levels.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can switch between paid plans. However, you can't switch from a paid plan to an unpaid plan. Note that when you downgrade, your storage capacity will be reduced so you must ensure you have your data backed up!

What happens after I register for a free plan?

You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to log into your platform.

What happens after I buy a subscription?

Our payment processing partner collects your payment info and starts billing your card after the trial period.

Will I be charged during the free trial?

No. Your payment starts when the trial period ends.

I signed up for a free trial but didn't get a chance to use the platform and now the trial period ended! What should I do?

No worries! Please contact us at info@digitalhub.io and we'll extend another free trial.


What is Digital Hub™'s app section?

The app section shows you the applications that you have been given permission to use. Most of the applications are open-source, but you can develop your own apps and deploy them on Digital Hub™.

Can I develop my own apps on Digital Hub™?

We believe everyone should be able to develop on Digital Hub™'s innovative foundation. Custom apps are on the roadmap, so you will be able to develop custom apps in the future.

About Us

Who are the developers and innovators behind Digital Hub™?

Digital Hub™ was created with love by the Calgary-based team at Integra Data and Analytic Solutions Corp. We are a group of engineers and data scientists who felt there was a gap in enabling enterprise grade infrastructure for day to day data science needs. We were looking for a flexible and automated online way to easily access and integrate various data science and development tools. We wanted a tool that could fill the gap in open-source echo systems, such as security, authentication, version control, scalability, and collaboration.

We created Digital Hub™ for our own internal use and are now making it available for everyone else! You can see our stories here and reach out to us on this site at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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