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Access to Open Source Tools

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence


Learning Acceleration Tools

  • Sample Notebooks

  • Hands on Webinars

  • Community Platform

Free 40 hours ² to get you started

Free 5 GIG of cloud storage to take your code and data with you everywhere.

Community Support





Access to Open Source Tools

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence


Learning Acceleration Tools

  • Expert Notebooks

  • Hands on Webinars

  • Community Platform


160 hours ² to develop your code.

100 GIG of cloud storage to take your code and data with you everywhere.


Top off hours & storage on demand, more when you need more!

Help Desk Support





Access to Open Source Tools

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence


Learning Acceleration Tools

  • 3 hours of of one on one sessions

  • Expert Notebooks

  • Hands on Webinars

  • Community Platform

200 hours ² to give everyone plenty of time to execute code.

200 GIG of cloud storage to share with your team and keep all your data in one place.

Help Desk Support






Custom Open Source Tools

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence


Acceleration Learning Tools

  • Expert Notebooks

  • Hands on Webinars

  • Internal Training

Deployment Options

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • Others


Dedicated Customer Success resource


1. Requires a credit card to subscribe. Usage beyond the free hours and storage will be chargeable.

2. Plan hours are calculated based on application run time. For more details see the FAQ.



What packages are included in Digital Hub™ plans?

The following open source packages are available as part of the standard offering. These packages are up to date and maintained by their respective open-source communities and integrated, tested to work by our own data science team:

  • Data Processing:
    • Pandas
    • Numpy
    • Beautifulsoup
    • xlrd
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Scipy
  • Machine Learning
    • Scikit-learn
  • Visualization
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
  • Postgres-access
    • Psycopg2
    • PgSpecial

How can I add my own packages?

You can simply install your own packages with a Pip or Conda command.

I have a problem! How can I reach support?

All support questions should be directed to our engineering team via email. You may email us at info@digitalhub.io. For general how to questions, please reach us on the community page on https://community.digitalhub.io

Can I install Digital Hub™ on my local system?

Digital Hub™ is a cloud native platform and it cannot be downloaded for individuals. However, we offer a custom option to enterprise clients to host the Digital Hub™ platform on their private cloud or infrastructure.

We have existing technologies in-house, can Digital Hub™ integrate with them?

Digital Hub™ can be deployed in-house and customized to integrate with different technologies. Please reach us at info@digitalhub.io for a detailed assessment based on your current technology landscape.

Who can use Digital Hub™?

Digital Hub™ is for anyone with a passion for solving problems through data, and an interest in extracting value from data using the latest data science technologies. Small teams of data scientists, individual contractors, or data scientists in business departments can leverage the platform to develop innovative solutions.

What languages are supported in the platform?

The default language is Python, R and Julia. Our development team is constantly surveying the open source and will integrate additional language in future. If you have a specific language in mind that should be on Digital Hub™, please share it with us on our community at https://community.digitalhub.io

Are there memory, compute, and storage limits?

Yes, the limits are set by your plan, however you can increase your hours and storage at any time through Top Offs on the Admin page.

How many members can be in a team?

There are no limitations on your number of team members! However, each member should have an account.

Who owns the Data and IP related to my projects?

The creator of the project owns the data and IP, for full details please see our terms and conditions page.

What is Digital Hub™?

Digital Hub™ is a true data science platform. Digital Hub™ adds security, integration, cost management, scaling and ease of use to existing open source that are widely used by data scientists. The out of the box open source tools and package are properly integrated, maintained to support many Data Science and Business Intelligence use cases. These tools and packages use an integrated database, and storage and can scale on demand. The end user will access these tools from a browser that is secure and accessible from anywhere. Digital Hub™ take away the time required to setup and integrate various open source tools and offers them in a ready to use packaged.

I have a small team of data scientists, which plan is right for me?

Our Team Plan is tailored for small business and small teams of data scientists. This plan gives the creator the ability to create multiple projects and invite team members. Team members can share the same project and resource determined by the creator. Creator controls costs and additions to the plan.

I have other questions, how can I get in contact?

Please join our community page https://community.digitalhub.io for general questions, or contact us at support@digitalhub.io if you have are a member and need technical support.

What are the roles in Teams plan?

As the owner of the Teams plan, you have the ability to assign roles to people you invite to your projects. A single user can be added to multiple projects and have different roles in each project. Creator: You are the Creator of the project if you are subscribed to the Teams plan. This is your default role every time a project is created. As Creator, you manage the plan, payments, projects, and the team. Owner: Owner is a user who has Write and Read access when it comes to data and codes. They can manipulate the data and database, create dashboard and interact with them. However, this permission level doesn't allow them to create projects, add/remove users or manage the payments. As Owner, you can manage projects and the team. Reader: These users only have Read access to projects and applications. They can't alter the code or manipulate the data, but they are able to view and interact with the code and dashboards. As a reader you can view projects and outputs from various software components.


Is my data secure?

Yes! We have incorporated layers of security in order to ensure your data is private and secure. Here are a few examples of how we do that: Your connection is encrypted with 128bit encryption, so all data exchanged between your browser and Digital Hub™ are secure in transmission. Your account is protected by state of the art authentication and authorization solutions. Your payments are secure through leading payment service providers.

How can I log in securly?

Every user must register with our identity server in order to log in. This is to ensure there are no unauthorized access to the platform.


How can I integrate Digital Hub™ with my own database or storage device?

  • A cloud-native Postgres database is created by default for each project. This default database is automatically linked with other project applications such as Superset and Grafana as the default data source. The default database URI is also made available in your Jupyterlab as an environmental variable.
  • External databases may be configured manually. Currently only Postgres Databases client are natively installed. However, you may configure access to other databases by installing the corresponding client packages. (See this blog for more instructions). In Jupyterlab, you may access your database with a proper SQAlchemy URI with the sqlalchemy library. In Superset and Grafana, you may integrate with your database by adding it as a data source on the application interface.

What can I do if I want to add more tools to my project environment?

Submit a request to our development team through info@digitalhub.io

Can I access my existing projects and GitHub through the platform?

Yes! You can clone your repository, and manage your Git repositories using Git terminal CLI, or the JupyterLab Git extensions. Kaggle projects are not yet supported.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time and your subscription ends at the end of your current billing cycle. You can simply unsubscribe from your profile page. However note that when you unsubscribe your projects and data will be deleted permanently, so make sure you back up the date you need.

How do you bill my card?

To ensure a secure transaction we use third party service providers to handle our payments. The billing is automated, and you can view your subscriptions and payment history in your Subscription panel.

What happens to my account when I cancel my subscription?

You will lose access to Digital Hub™ projects and your data, however you can still be part of the platform and participate in projects created by others.

What happens to my data after I cancel my plan?

Your data and projects will be removed automatically, we suggest you back up any data prior to cancelling your plan.

What are my options to leave the platform or stop paying for projects?

Note: You can be a free member of the platform and not subscribed to any plan, but still participate in other projects that you are invited to. If you are a member and have a plan you have two options:

  1. Cancel your plan: This will stop the monthly plans, remove your projects and data from system but you still have acces to the platform and are able to participate in other user projects
  2. Delete your account: This will do option 1 and remove you from the system immediately. You can no longer log back into the platform. This means you can no longer participate in other projects created by other users

What happens when I delete my account?

When you delete your account your ID will be removed from the system. This means you lose access to the platform immediately and if you are subscribed to any plan, the subscription will be cancelled. Your projects and data will automatically be wiped out of the system. Please back up your data before you delete your account.

I have other billing questions?

Please contact us at info@digitalhub.io to answer your questions or check our slack channel at https://digitalhubsupport.slack.com/ community page at https://community.digitalhub.io for general inquiries.

Why do I need to provide a credit card for the Free Academia plan?

The Academia plan offers 40 hours of free compute and storage per month to students. However additional usage per month will be chargable and require a credit card.

Plans & Pricing

What does a subscription include?

Your subscription includes access to the Digital Hub™ platform and all its features including team management, project management, and Data Science applications. Applications use compute and require storage. We have simplified the app usage by categorizing them in time and space. Your subscription includes a certain number of hours to develop and utilize the platform's tools, plus space to store your data.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, We occasionaly offer our Academia plan for free. Please join our mailing list or attend the webinars to obtain the code.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can switch between plans. However, when you downgrade you would lose your allocated storage and hours as well as your data. We highly recommend you backup your data before you downgrade your plan or contact us to inquire about your unique situation at info@digitalhub.io before downgrading your plan to ensure minimum impact.

What happens after I buy a subscription?

Our payment processing partner collects your payment info and starts billing your card on a monthly basis until you change or cancel your plan.

How much does Digital Hub™ cost over long run?

Digital Hub™ scales based on dynamic usage of memory, compute and storage by each application. The cost is simplified based on hours and storage usage and each plans offers a convenient package to get you started. To avoid any intruption to your projects, we will keep the applications running if you don't pause them and charge you for the excess hours. Additional time and storage can also be purchased on demand. You can calculate your cost by using this formula (Plan Price + Top Off Storage + Extra Hours). If you have a certain scenario in mind, contact us for an estimate at info@digitalhub.io or ask us on the community at https://community.digitalhub.io

What is "Top Off" in my admin page?

Top Off is a convenient way for users to increase their plan allocated time and storage. For example if you have used all your plan hours, you can purchase additional hours using the Top Off, or if you're running out of space you can add storage using the Top Off feature in your admin panel.

How does Hour "Top Off" work?

Hours "Top Off" increase your plan time on the platform and expire at the end of your current billing cycle. Add hours if you think you're going to need them. Contact us at info@digitalhub.io if you need a large amount of hours added to your plan.

How does Storage "Top Off" work?

Storage Top Off adds additional storage space to your plan. Unlike Hours Top Off that expires at the end of the current billing cycle, Storage Top Off stays on your plan until you cancel it.

How to register for free using promotion codes?

You can register for an Academia plan using promotion codes available on our site. Please note promotion codes expire so register while they are valid. For a step by step instruction, please follow this guide: https://digitalhubsupport.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DKB/pages/88997889/How+to+use+promotion+codes

How much will Hours Top Off cost me?

You can top off your hours in 60hrs increments for $5 CAD.

How much will Storage Top Off cost me?

You can top off your storage in 50G increments for $5 per month. Pro-rated charges will be applied if you decide to top off your storage in the middle of your billing cycle.

What happens if I exceed my plan's hours limit?

If you exceed your plan's hours by running your projects applications, you will be charged $0.1/hr for the over usage on your next bill. You can see the over usage amount in Subscription/Manage page under the Upcoming Bill section.

What happens if I exceed my plan's storage limit?

If you exceed your plan's storage, you will be charged $0.12/GB for the over usage on your next bill. You can see the over usage amount in Subscription/Manage page under the Upcoming Bill section.


What is Digital Hub™ Community?

Our community is a free service to help you transition into Data Science space. We share useful articles and material to help you learn and grow with us. The founders of Digital Hub™ have many years of industry and data science experience and the community is a place for all of us to share ideas and help each other. Visit: https://community.digitalhub.io for more info.

About Us

Who are the developers and innovators behind Digital Hub™?

Digital Hub™ was created with love by the Calgary-based team at Integra Data and Analytic Solutions Corp. We are a group of engineers and data scientists who felt there was a gap in enabling enterprise grade infrastructure for day to day data science needs. We were looking for a flexible and automated online way to easily access and integrate various data science and development tools. We wanted a tool that could fill the gap in open-source echo systems, such as security, authentication, version control, scalability, and collaboration.

We created Digital Hub™ for our own internal use and are now making it available for everyone else! You can see our stories here and reach out to us on this site at any time.


How are hours calculated on Digital Hub ™ Academia or Individual Plans?

Hours are calculated based on application run time. For example when you create a project with 3 applications, and these applications are in "Play" mode, hours add up per application. You can "Pause" any application that you don't need. You may also "Pause All" applications before you log off from the profile menu.

How are hours calculated on Digital Hub™ Teams plan?

In a team project, usage from all members are counted towards the teams subscription owner. As with all projects, the hours are calculated based on total run time of all application instances. In Digital Hub™, there are two types of applications: project-based, and member-based, and the runtime is calculated differently for each type. 1. Project-based applications (Superset, Grafana): In project-based application, a single instance is deployed per project. All members in the project logs in and work on the same application instance. For example, if your Superset instance is ‘ready’ and running for three hours while two members work in it synchronously, the total run time is three hours. 2. Member-based application (Jupyterlab, H2O): In member-based applications, an instance is deployed per member. Members will start their own instances to work on. For example, both Member A and Member B spend 1 hour working in Jupyterlab, the total application runtime would be 2 hours, because each member is running their own instances. Here is an example where a team of three works on a project for three hours. During these three hours, all members see the ‘ready’ status for all of their applications: Superset, Grafana and Jupyterlab. In this scenario, the hours will be calculated as following: (# Hours) * (# Project-based Apps) + (# Hours) * (# Members on Jupyterlab) = (3 hrs * 2 apps) + (3 hrs * 3 members) = 15 hrs

Frequently Asked Questions