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Data Science




A Cloud native, Self-serve, Scalable Platform

For Engineers, Data Scientists and Business Analysts

Digital Hub ™ is a modern data science platform developed for engineers, developers, and data scientists. It brings the most advance open source technologies in an easy to use toolkit... integrated and secured in one place for corporate rapid innovation.

Scaling - Digital Hub - Data Science Pla

For Individuals 

Maximum Utility with Minimum Cost



Digital Hub ™ integrates the most popular and advanced open source projects from data science, machine learning and business intelligence domains. 


Expert notebooks accelerate your progress and provide solutions for some of the most common use cases in the industry. 


Start, Launch, Pause, and... repeat. Only pay for the hours you are hands on with your code or visualizing your datasets. Pause your apps to save more



Digital Hub ™ enables asynchronous collaboration between data scientists, subject matter experts and business analysts. Users can invite team members to join their project and collaborate.


Digital Hub ™ tracks the hours used per user, so CxO's can understand, budget, and manage the costs across departments.


Digital Hub ™ cloud native backend goes where your preferred cloud or infrastructure is and integrates with your other cloud solutions seamlessly.


Scaling - Digital Hub - Data Science Pla

Digital Hub ™ works out of the box:

Data scientists and IT teams often spend days and weeks setting up appropriate virtual machines and open source packages. 

Our users are capable of creating a development environment in matter of minutes with appropriate database, security and software packages without assistance from IT admins.


Digital Hub ™ empowers the user with a complete set of tools to complete their development and data science tasks successfully with ease.




Digital Hub ™ shares a single database across various apps:

Each project and its components benefit from a coherent and single data storage and data base management system.


This enables new collaboration possibilities between data scientist and business users while maintaining and secure the content on a project by project basis. 

Finally, data doesn't need to move from one application to another, in order to enable further use cases. The Business Intelligence tools can read the data that was created by the Data Science apps seamlessly. 


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Digital Hub ™ is an enterprise grade solution at your fingertips:


Digital Hub ™ is designed with Enterprise Governance and Security requirements in mind. 

Project creators can manage cost and monitor the project usage while project owners can assign roles and delegate access to other team members. 

Each application used within the Digital Hub ™ ecosystem operates under this model to enable hierarchical governance for those sophisticated users who manage groups of data scientist.  

We believe in the power of data

Babak Shafiei
Babak Shafiei  - Integra Data and Analyt

Digital Hub™ is the evolution of our in-house platform that supported many of our projects and accelerated time to value by eliminating technology and DEVOPS overhead. We wanted to make this platform available to the community, especially data science graduates, engineers, and developers. We believe they need a place where they can develop, learn, and work together.

  • Babak Shafiei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Babak Shafiei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
Hoda Rezaei - Integra Data and Analytic Solutions

It’s amazing to see how Digital Hub™ brings disparate technologies and tools together to serve one purpose, and that’s helping creative minds to thrive and innovate in data science world. 

  • Hoda Rezaei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Hoda Rezaei - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
Sylvia Lee - Integra Data and Analytic S

I’ve seen first hand how crucial data is. The skills and tools to analyze it and gain insight are no less so. I held all the knowledge and expertise to analyze data and solve my problems, but was always hindered by data silos, infrastructure incompatibilities, and a need to do complex integrations of necessary tools. This drove my passion to help those faced with the frustrations that come with current technologies, and is why I take pride in the work I am doing now with Digital Hub™.

  • Sylvia Lee - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Sylvia Lee - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
Usman Kamran- Integra Data and Analytic Solutions

We designed Digital Hub™ to be a purveyor of transformative innovation, and I'm proud to have been a part of the team that has taken this from concept to a market-ready solution for all things data science. This is the product of many late nights, boundless creativity, and a whole lot of love.

  • Usman Kamran - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Usman Kamran - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
Quan-Ha Le - Integra Data and Analytic Solutions

My experience as a computer science researcher has helped me truly appreciate the robust structure behind Digital Hub™.

What we have built and all the components are well-thought and it's amazing what it can do for your projects.

  • Quan-Ha Le - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform
  • Quan-Ha Le - Digital Hub Data Analytics Platform


> 800 Users
> 100 Projects

and counting

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