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How an Innovative New Platform Will Optimize Your Data Science Experience

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Data science is driven by the marriage between great code and strong analytical thinking. In that intersection lies innovation. 

We wanted to put powerful AI and Machine Learning features into the hands of the data scientists and programmers that can push data science further.

We built Digital Hub™.

Digital Hub™ is an innovative data science platform built to give data scientists, programmers, and subject matter experts (SME) real, user-friendly access to the incredibly powerful data science tools and technologies out there.

The platform’s modular, integrated system of constantly evolving, actively maintained open-source tools and technologies fundamentally enables the streamlined creation of end-to-end enterprise-grade data science solutions. From data manipulation to data visualization, each tool in this stack has been chosen and curated meticulously. It nourishes a community of users that are actively engaged in the utilization of cutting-edge data science approaches to solve real world, complex, multifaceted problems. 

It is designed to be continuously upgradable. It is a compilation of cutting-edge, primarily open source, software applications organized into containers and deployed onto a scalable cloud infrastructure. The platform can incorporate any number of applications and scale on demand.

Digital Hub™ sources the best applications available for each aspect of the data science workflow, unifies the data flow, and makes it available to its users. This ensures that disparate applications that are the gold standard for certain aspects of data science are streamlined into a singular user interface. This system architecture saves the user from cumbersome setup requirements of each application and enables seamless user experiences through a streamlined data flow. 

The modular backend system of Digital Hub™ allows incorporating as many different technologies as possible and scaling compute. It is a well-maintained, constantly evolving solution that grows with your needs. Despite the existence of a diverse stack, there is a connection between each component of the tech stack and the data. Data is de-coupled from the technologies in a centralized storage, allowing for rapid scaling and integration with new technologies.

What does current access to technology and data science tools look like?

  • Integration and version updates are difficult and time-consuming.

  • Current systems are disparate, making the data science workflow tedious.

  • Collaborating with the team is difficult and hinders solution development.

  • It is time-consuming to select the best tools for data science needs.

  • Limited processing power can hinder development success.

  • Learning resources for all incorporated tools are scattered and time-consuming to find.

Digital Hub™ was the answer to problems our data science team was forced to deal with. We created this in-house platform, optimized it, and turned it into the dream tool we’ve been looking for. That platform is what we’re thrilled to share with the wider data science community.

A data science platform should be a place where you can access the best tools for all things data science.


  • Scalable cloud-based architecture: We utilize leading open-source, scalable cloud infrastructure that allows for the concurrent usage of multiple servers.

  • Containerized applications: Digital Hub™ functions through containers that are standalone, executable packages of software that can host an application and all of its requirements. 

  • Digital Hub™ Recommendation engine: The recommendation engine creates a personalized user environment dependent on the user’s project nature and requirements.

  • Project-based environments: This is a custom user environment consisting of all the necessary technological user components. This is where the user conducts all their data science work.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Digital Hub™ is designed to provide a single, shared experience for data experts and their teams. An SME with a strong depth of understanding in their own field, looking for a wider lens to analyze their data and adopt a data science approach to their workflow, has a team to carry out ideas, but does not have time to level-up learning. We incorporated the most valuable collaboration features necessary to take data projects further in a seamless, exceptionally user-friendly space.

Who was Digital Hub™ built for?

Digital Hub™ was created with one main goal in mind: Reduce any and all barriers for entry into the data science world through a neatly packaged, ready-to-use solution.

Digital Hub™ allows data scientists, programmers, business analysts, architects, data engineers, and SMEs the ability to collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to a repository of resources that can further push the envelope. How do we give each specialized user the experience and tools they specifically need?

  • We enable data-savvy, citizen data scientists by reducing the programmatic barrier to entry.  Early-stage engineers, scientists, and analysts who are subject matter experts (SMEs), have the time to refine their skillset, and are actively looking to do so, can find a home in Digital Hub™. It offers a do-it-all solution that allows for data wrangling and manipulation without extensive knowledge of Python or R, and reduces the barriers to leveling-up development skills through data-driven custom Jupyter notebooks. By simplifying a high-level programming language into easy-to-use developmental constructs tailored to most essential use-cases in data discovery, data scientists can quickly learn to live and thrive in a developer’s world. Knowing where to look for what you need is almost as valuable as knowing what you need.

  • We enable software-savvy developers by reducing the statistical data science barriers for entry.  Developers know how to communicate with technology and can turn a project into a product. Curated Jupyter notebooks allow developers to learn basic-to-advanced data science constructs within the platform, level the playing field, and drive innovation.

  • We help SMEs who don’t have time to refine skillsets but work with data and intrinsically know how it works.  These SMEs don’t necessarily have programming knowledge but know the business process and are able to translate that into data solutions. They need a team in order to see through their data vision. They need a traditional data scientist to manipulate data and a software developer to turn that solution into a product. In essence, they need to be able to collaborate effectively with each party, monitor, and guide ongoing work. We offer the collaboration key structure to bring the otherwise complex productivity puzzle together seamlessly.

The Digital Hub™ platform was built for data scientists, developers, and experts by the data scientists that needed it. Every component of Digital Hub™ was carefully thought out and structured to simplify and empower the data science experience.

We know how powerful and transformative data can be. 

A revolutionary tool that allows users to push the boundaries of data science and take the field further is just around the corner. We want to be the first to use it and make it available.

Learn More

Be one of the first to experience the incredible platform and pre-register for discounted early access prices! We can’t wait for you to join our community, so make sure to stay up to date with exciting content and releases on the availability of Digital Hub™ through our newsletter and blog updates.

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