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Three Reasons Why Users Love Digital Hub™: Another Magic Trio!

We built Digital Hub™ to remove any barriers to entry to the data science world. We believe in the power of data and analytics and the impact that insights generated through robust and focused data science projects have on the effectiveness of business processes, reducing risks, increasing safety, and saving cost. We also believe that technology should be an enabler and accelerator to digital transformation, however this is not always the case. Through our data science project delivery efforts and working with many clients in the oil and gas industry, we realized that sometimes technology is one of the barriers itself, due to system configuration and integration complications, the learning curve and adoption associated with using and troubleshooting them.

We have developed a platform that enables everyone with a passion for data and insight to use advanced data science tools with ease. Whether it's solving an operational problem for your organization, a small project from your department, a school assignment, or a fun project you created for yourself, Digital Hub™ provides the toolkit and technology you need to be successful.

As an end to end data science platform, Digital Hub™ offers many features to its users. In this article we go over three of the most beloved features among our users.

Digital Hub Data Science Platform

Ease of Use

As a data scientist or someone who is transitioning to data science, it will take you a good amount of time to set up your system and development environment, install all the packages, and integrate the applications. Some of these system configurations get very complicated that you need to seek help. But Good luck with getting an answer! It is sometimes very hard to get a timely and accurate answer especially when you want to implement new technologies and packages.

Frustrating, right? I haven't even mentioned that you have to do these integrations every time you are starting a new project, and it's only for the device you are working on, if you want to get a new laptop or desktop, you have to do it all over again.

Digital Hub™ users love the platform for its ease of use. This is reflected in every aspect of the platform. Here is what makes Digital Hub™ easy to use.

  • Ready to Use: Digital Hub™ platform gives you access to essential and popular tools and packages required for an end to end data science and business intelligence project. These tools and packages are neatly integrated and are ready to use. You don't need to plant any time upfront, to prepare the environment. You can start developing right away!

  • Single Sign-On: With a single sign-on, you will have access to the platform, data science and business intelligence applications, admin panel to monitor your usage and compute, notebook templates, support system, and everything else that is inside the platform.

  • Universal Access: Digital Hub™ is cloud native and allows you to access the platform through any browsers. You can access your project resources from any device, anywhere in the world.

Team Collaboration

Every Data Science team consists of people with different skills, roles, and interests. Based on their roles, they are involved in different stages of the project and need different levels of access. For a data science project to be successful, all the team members should be able to collaborate, share their work and access the same source of the truth. This is not easy to maintain though. Exchanging the data, models, and the results with other team members and stakeholders is a complex process and often very ineffective which results in version control issues and delays in delivery.

Digital Hub™ users enjoy the convenience of the platform on an individual level as well as team level. Digital Hub™ Teams plan gives data science teams the opportunity to collaborate in an organized environment.

  • Sharing resources: When you are subscribed to a Teams plan on Digital Hub™ platform, you will have access to a certain amount of compute and storage. As owner of the plan, you are able to add team members to your projects and share your resources with them. Team members can join your team even if they are not subscribed to a Digital Hub™ plan. Once you create a project, you can add or remove team members and assign roles to them on your Project Setting page.

  • Permissions: As the owner of the Teams plan, you have the ability to assign roles to people you invite to your projects. A single user can be added to multiple projects and have different roles in each project. This enables great flexibility in terms of both securing the environment and enabling the users. Here are a few roles that can be used to orchestrate user permissions on the platform:

  • Creator: You are the Creator of the project if you are subscribed to the Teams plan. This is your default role every time a project is created. As Creator, you manage the plan, payments, projects, and the team.

  • Owner: Owner is a user who has Write and Read access when it comes to data and codes. They can manipulate the data and database, create dashboard and interact with them. However, this permission level doesn't allow them to create projects, add/remove users or manage the payments. As Owner, you can manage projects and the team.

  • Reader: These users only have Read access to projects and applications. They can't alter the code or manipulate the data, but they are able to view and interact with the code and dashboards. As a reader you can view projects and outputs from various software components.

Notebook Templates

Data science is an end to end process, from defining problem statement to visualizing the results and reporting. In order to be successful in your data science efforts you need to master each and every step of this process. Having a strong programming and statistical background is essential to becoming a data scientist but it is the understanding of the problem, a robust methodology, and right tools and technologies that makes you stand out in a highly competitive market.

Our pre-built notebooks mean even if you are not a coder, you have a starting place and can learn to code like a pro.

Digital Hub™ users love our Notebook Templates because of what they offer:

  • Real Use Cases: In our notebook templates, we address the most common and repetitive data science tasks e.g. getting the data from and writing it back to database, imputing missing values, and dealing with outliers and essential data science techniques like Machine Learning, Clustering, and Time Series Forecasting. As a data scientist you will come across many problems that require you to have these skills to solve them.

  • End-to-End Process: In our notebooks, we perform an end to end analysis to solve a real problem. We start with defining the problem statement which is the key to frame the rest of analysis and developing a solution. We walk you through all the data cleaning and preparation and teach you how to handle outliers and missing values. We then develop the solution and teach you how to interpret the results.

  • Robust Methodology: We share our experience in solving real world problems for our Oil and Gas clients with our users in Notebook Templates. You will see how to use your existing data and solve your problem without spending too much time on determining a starting point. We teach you how to quickly generate insights from your data and come up with hypotheses that are the building blocks for your solution. We show you how to choose the best solution for your problem without going down the rabbit hole of endless trial and error. And finally we teach you how to speak the business language to communicate your results with stakeholders effectively.

Digital Hub™ is not just another platform, with its focus on real world use cases and best practices it helps its users to thrive, grow, and be successful in their career.

Digital Hub™ platform provides data scientists, engineers, and their teams with the most essential and advanced tools and technologies to advance their skills and accelerate their data science project success. Imagine you could reduce the time spent on system configuration and integration, access your projects everywhere, had expert crafted notebooks and could collaborate on your projects with your team members. Imagine how successful you'd be compared to others who don't have the same tools.

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