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The Case for Digital Hub Enterprise Adoption

In the world where "Data is the new Oil", there will be no shortage of tools and innovative platforms that aim to reduce the frictions in the data to insight process. Every platform that we have come across targets a specific persona and section of this process to improve the overall cost, user experience and time to value.

If you're unsure what tools, processes and capabilities are required to deliver successful data and analytic projects, continue to read about our approach, and why we created Digital Hub the way it is today.

You need tools to perform certain tasks

To deliver an end to end analytic project, organizations need a large number of tools in their toolkit. Tools that handle data (small or big, batch or streaming), (structured, unstructured), and other capabilities are just the starting point. Then comes tools for data wrangling, quality assessment, transformation, etc. This is before any business insight is extracted. To extract insights other tools are required including visualization tools, data science tools (which in itself is a toolkit) and to go from insight to a finish product another set of tools are necessary to deploy, manage and maintain the end product.

Digital Hub provides a complete toolkit

Digital Hub bundles all necessary and innovative tools in one platform. These components are neatly integrated together and benefit from single sign on, a single source of the truth and collaboration capabilities between engineers, data scientists and developers. One log-in gives the end user access to all necessary components and they never have to leave the platform in order to complete their tasks.

Your solution should be scaleable across the organization

Some organizations have managed to deliver successful projects through a centre of excellence model that contains the span of control and governance within a small group with a niche focus on certain business outcomes. The challenge with COE model is the ability to scale the engagement and its tremendous benefits across the organization. Without getting into organizational issues of the COE model, it's suffice to say that it's a great starting point but certainly not scalable across the organization. This is due to complexity in team management and cost involved in scaling the variety of tools across larger and desperate teams.

Digital Hub scales on demand

Digital Hub self-serve project deployment methodology removes the need for the technical resources that are typically required to stand up a project toolset.

Be mindful of data movement

Due to proprietary nature of many tools involved in an analytic project, data is continuously moved from one platform to another to enable upstream usages and processing. This data movement by itself is not an issue but version control and managing the source of truth in a process like this is complex and often manual.

Digital Hub provides a single source of the truth

Digital Hub utilizes a single database to manage and keep track of data from ingestion to deployment. This eliminates movement of data which in turn accelerates the pace of projects, enables a common view into the data and reduces storage cost across the board.

You should keep up with open source innovations

The technology and toolkits in open source space are continuously evolving. This both presents challenges and opportunities for organizations who are innovating with data and growing their data practices. Data Scientist and Engineers are eager to try the latest and greatest tools from open source while these tools pose security risks and governance issues at their organizations. At some organization it is almost impossible to get approvals to install an open source tool.

Digital Hub continuously evolves

Digital Hub closes the gap between open source innovation and corporate governance and security practices. All the packages in Digital Hub are vetted, secured and properly configured out of the box. The entire platform fits inside existing IT governance frameworks and integrates with corporate security standards. While inside Digital Hub is open source and flexible for innovation, the entire system is secured and governed within the appropriate corporate frameworks.

"We built Digital Hub to give the end users the ultimate platform they need to innovate in a cost effective, secure environment with appropriate governance and scalability requirements of large organization. Digital Hub works out of the box to accelerate the pace of data innovation at every corner of the organization no matter the size or scale of your teams."

Babak Shafiei Founder, CEO Integra Data and Analytic Solutions

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