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How to Lead Your Data Science Teams To Project Success (Rethinking & Optimizing the New Workplace)

The world has changed, and the way we work has changed along with it.

Digital Hub ™ is an integrated system of the best data science technology out there, allowing teams to successfully adapt to that change.

COVID’s impact on business and interaction has fundamentally altered the way everyone works, manages, and functions. Today’s productivity tools just don’t cut it. Team collaboration is more complicated than it has ever been. Managers struggle coordinating even the simplest of projects. We’ve mentioned before that siloed applications and team collaboration restrictions already undermine a data project’s ability to provide any real business value.

Despite all that, “83% of businesses now say that, even after today's crisis has passed, they plan to put more flexible work policies in place, such as allowing more people to work from home or letting them adjust their schedules.

A growing number of articles and posts on remote team management and WFH solutions, like Hootsuite Cofounder Ryan Holmes’ poll on everyone’s dream software, showcases the increasing need for something that doesn’t exist quite yet. With data science projects already suffering from cumbersome prep work and collaboration roadblocks, the new challenges brought on by teams that are essentially permanently remote are far from ideal.

Digital Hub ™ takes care of all those challenges and more, allowing teams to create high end solutions easily, quickly, and efficiently, in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Enabling Actual Data Science Project Success

A data science platform should be a place where you can access the best tools for all things data science. Disparate systems make the workflow tedious, and setting up technologies are difficult and time-consuming. This doesn’t even take into account the research, selection process, and upkeep tied to an ever-evolving group of world-leading specialized tools. 

Teams can spend more time selecting and configuring, as opposed to building actual projects, just to keep up, and they can still fall behind on the latest software and upgrades. 

Existing data science platforms are built to propagate a specific framework to solving data science problems, which are in fact so diverse they can effectively preclude existing frameworks all together.

This means lost time, limited processing that can hinder project progression, and final results that are nowhere near as valuable as they should be. Rather than making the project fit with the existing technology, the reverse should be true. Technology should be malleable enough to support the needs of a particular project itself.

Digital Hub ™ is company-agnostic, compared to other current platforms. They, for the most part, perform the same functions: Jupyter notebooks for data manipulation and some proprietary software for AI/ML model development and deployment. Digital Hub can match and surpass the capabilities of these extensive platforms by using high-end tools tailored for each step in the data science pipeline, from data discovery to solution deployment, as opposed to being limited by one company’s tech stack.

Also, the diverse stack doesn't hinder the platform's exceptional ability to rapidly scale and incorporate new technology. There is a connection between each component of the tech stack and the data, which is de-coupled from the technologies but easily loaded.

Digital Hub ™’s unique game-changing dashboard also not only takes the guess work and maintenance time out of system and project configuration, but allows users to start projects, add and remove team members, add and remove apps, scale memory and compute, and far more, all in a few clicks.

We incorporate the most valuable collaboration features necessary to take data projects further in a seamless user-friendly space.

Team and cost management is simplified, optimized, and allows focus to be placed where it belongs: On project success.

Integrated Learning Resources That Empower Teams

The current global data science community is dispersed across Reddit forums, Slack channels, Stack Overflow pages, and other forums across the internet. Learning resources for all the most powerful data science tools in use today are everywhere, and are very time-consuming to find.

There is no central home to ask questions, receive feedback, and contribute to discourse tailored specifically to concepts within the field. Digital Hub ™ resolves this issue by providing a central hub for this stream of discourse. Users can create content, contribute to questions that other users may have, and more.

A great data scientist possesses strong analytical, statistical, and development skills. Digital Hub™ strives to bridge the gaps in user knowledge of business process and subject matter expertise through the use of custom Jupyter notebooks. These Jupyter notebooks are readily available and designed to walk users through important concepts and processes that can be used in their own projects. A Subject Metter Expert with strong knowledge of business process who is lacking in development and statistical background may find notebooks related to common statistical methodologies and machine learning algorithms and how to apply them useful.

Digital Hub ™ provides a one-stop, always-available area for hands-on data science learning and implementation with no limit to creativity.

Starting with the code: A platform built for data scientists by data scientists

Our platform streamlines data from data manipulation to data visualization, reducing any and all barriers through a neatly-packaged, ready-to-use solution. It is designed to provide a single, shared experience for data experts and their teams. We allow data scientists the ability to collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to a repository of resources that can further push the envelope.

End-to-end enterprise grade solutions by data science teams

Digital Hub is a modular, integrated system of constantly-evolving, actively-maintained open-source tools and technologies that enables the creation of end-to-end enterprise-grade data science solutions. From data manipulation to data visualization, each tool in this stack has been chosen and curated meticulously. It nourishes a community of users that are actively engaged in the utilization of cutting edge data science approaches to solve complex, multifaceted problems. 

Managing a new kind of workplace culture doesn’t have to be messy. Data science teams shouldn’t be hindered by technology or remote collaboration roadblocks. Quality and creativity shouldn’t suffer.

Digital Hub allows data scientists and their teams to flourish in any circumstance, putting the best tools in their hands, and enabling them to take their projects further than they ever have.

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