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Advantages of using a Cloud Data Science Platform

If you are just starting your Data Science journey or have been in this space for a while, you would want to consider the benefits of using a Cloud Data Science Platform for your development platform for the ease of use and accessibility purposes.

If you are like us, you love to do configuration and setting everything up from scratch on your laptop or virtual machine. This is a fun activity but after a few times it will become redundant, specially if you are working as a freelance developer. Saving time and having a place you can log into from any computer will set you apart from the crowd and give you an edge others don't have.

Here are a few benefits of a cloud based platform like Digital Hub™.

  • Reduce Time to Insight: Digital Hub™ comes pre-configured with all the necessary packages to ingest data from other cloud providers and develop your Python or R programs. This helps significantly with new development and specially saves time by eliminating the setup, download, and version management of various open source packages.

  • Security: Digital Hub™ provides in transit data encryption and user authentication services by default. You no longer need to worry about other people accessing your computer and your client data. Your data is safe and secure at Digital Hub™ and always available when you need it.

  • Database Integration: Every project in Digital Hub™ comes with a dedicated and integrated database. The database is per project so if you have multiple projects, there will be multiple database ready for you to use. The database is fully integrated into your development platform and accessible through your project applications. You can easily query data or update the records as part of your Python or R notebooks.

  • Ease of use: Digital Hub™ is really easy to use. It's intuitive and clean UI will not get in the way of your work. It enables managing your projects and plan subscription with ease as well as allowing you to access all your favourite tools through a single browser.

  • Team Work: Digital Hub™ has built-in team capabilities. We focused on development and security in developing with a team. A project creators e.g. you, can invite other project Readers or Owner to access the same resources and data per project. Your team will use the same data, same code and never has to go back and forth on version controls.

  • Scalability: When you spend less time configuring and managing your packages, you will have more time for developing and perfecting your code. This growth means you need to scale and venture into more advanced use cases. Digital Hub™ native ability to scale, will scale to meet your needs on demand.

  • Cost: Over time you will save on your total cost by saving time and using the on-demand features of Digital Hub™. Assuming you value your time, Digital Hub™ will save you time by offering a continuously evolving platform that scales on demand. You no longer need to pay upfront for your future needs. A simple subscription gets you all you need to get started and you can top off hours and storage as your needs grow.

Start your data science journey on Digital Hub™ today and enjoy the benefits of a cloud based Data Science platform.


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